About us

District and population

Arun District is on the south coast, one of seven districts within West Sussex. The district is bordered by Chichester to the west, Horsham to the north, and Worthing and Adur to the east. The northern half of Arun District falls within the South Downs National Park (SDNP).

As well as featuring many miles of beautiful coastline the district is home to a number of vibrant towns, parishes and villages and the people and businesses within them. On this page you can find links to read facts and figures about population in the area. You can learn more about the district at Sussex by the Sea.

Council vision and performance

We adopted our new Council Vision for the period 2022 – 2026 at a meeting of the full council in March 2022, this followed public consultation which took place during November and December 2021.

The role of the district council is to make Arun a better place to live, work and visit as well as delivering public services. The Vision sets out how we are going to do this.

It is divided into four key themes, each of which has a number of aims and statements about how they will be achieved. The areas the council will concentrate on are:

  • improving the wellbeing of Arun
  • delivering the right homes in the right places
  • supporting our environment to support us
  • fulfilling Arun’s economic potential

The Vision sets out our goals and will guide our decision making for the next four years. This will build on the good things that we already do and make improvements where things could be better. We not only want Arun to be a great place to live, but we want to attract new businesses and job opportunities and create a great tourist destination that makes the most of our natural environment.

You can view the Council Vision 2022 – 2026 here:

Council Vision 2022 to 2026 [pdf] 6MB
Council Vision 2022 to 2026 [HTML]
Council Vision – objectives 2022 – 2026