Delivering the right homes in the right places


Our Overall aims:

  • Provide a mixed housing economy within the district for all, regardless of age or circumstances, where different types of homes are available, and people can choose to rent or buy.
  • Maximise opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of homes in the District.
  • Support those in our community that need help, providing a safety net where necessary and working with people and organisations to meet different needs.
How will we achieve this?
  1. Support households with complex needs to secure suitable accommodation
  2. Maximise the delivery of affordable housing including utilising the council’s own resources and commercial expertise to ensure that our social housing is energy efficient
  3. Improve the energy efficiency of homes across all tenures
  4. Use our expertise to influence the local housing market, working with the right partners from all sectors, to develop the housing and infrastructure that we need
  5. Use the planning system to create great new places and improve our existing places, where new homes meet the needs of current and future generations
  6. Ensure the existing housing stock in the district (private sector and council owned) is maintained to a high standard
  7. Continue to bring empty homes back into use for the benefit of the community